Knowledge can be impressively displayed, but it's not enough. There’s a huge need for wisdom today, and precious few people seem to be asking for it.
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I like loving and being loved, but being needy? A desperate need, no less? That’s a really uncomfortable place to be, and I wonder why it's even necessary?
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I have learned a secret, one open and available to every child of God. But you must really need this powerful, transforming secret before you see it.
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Our deep despair over not being able to perform is both an invitation to lean into His life as well as a check that I'm probably kicking against the goads.
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The sense of responsibility we feel can be overwhelming and defeating. God wants us to roll them back on Him—literally casting my burden back on to Him.
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Yesterday’s slaughter is not the first of its kind nor the last. What is the one thing that a dumb sheep in total weakness can do in the face of that truth?
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Hebrews 11 says that faith is the evidence of things not seen, and the wondrous possibilities of that truth are greater than we could ever imagine!
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Many think that God’s Will is the most un-enjoyable experience known to man. God’s ministry of miserable makes receiving satisfaction from the world utterly impossible. Anything other than His perfect choice for you.
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I had been exerting such grim effort to relax and gaze and then the Spirit comes lightly inside a task where I was exerting no effort at all, just living.
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At any time I can be a wandering sheep. I always have to re-learn that the Spirit of Christ should make every choice, no matter how insignificant.
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With a vague cry for help that Jesus responded to specifically and personally, my whole week changed. Help doesn't always look the way we think it will.
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He is the Alpha and the Omega: The end of my story here and the beginning of my new one. All I can ever take to the Father at the end of my life is His Son.
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