“Hey, I am going to remodel my house while I am preparing for my daughter’s wedding!” Yes, anxiety is a focus problem.
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To “lean” is to go completely empty, looking for His filling. Coming with NO opinions, no thoughts and no strength.
Posted Dec. 14,2017 by | 10 Comments
The Lord is looking for an eradication of any fear, doubt, worries and anxiety. He wants me to live leaning.
Posted Dec. 11,2017 by | 14 Comments
Faith is to live listening to His voice in every moment of my life. It's like I'm to live with my ear against Jesus' chest, so I can hear His very heart about my life.
Posted Feb. 20,2017 by | 3 Comments
Our God is the Lord of all adversity. I thought adversities were obstacles in the way of my pursuit of God. Could they all be in place to shepherd me?
Posted Nov. 21,2016 by | 7 Comments
When we're faced with a circumstance beyond our experience and understanding, do we truly believe that God will give us everything we need to face it?
Posted Aug. 10,2016 by | 2 Comments
When my ability to wait patiently on the Lord dissolves into ‘WHERE ARE YOU ALREADY?!’ then I’ve exposed exactly what my heart condition really is.
Posted Aug. 3,2016 by | 2 Comments
Knowledge can be impressively displayed, but it's not enough. There’s a huge need for wisdom today, and precious few people seem to be asking for it.
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I like loving and being loved, but being needy? A desperate need, no less? That’s a really uncomfortable place to be, and I wonder why it's even necessary?
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I have learned a secret, one open and available to every child of God. But you must really need this powerful, transforming secret before you see it.
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Our deep despair over not being able to perform is both an invitation to lean into His life as well as a check that I'm probably kicking against the goads.
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The sense of responsibility we feel can be overwhelming and defeating. God wants us to roll them back on Him—literally casting my burden back on to Him.
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