Many Christians have found that they didn’t like the rough sawn nature of Trump presentation. But before judging the messenger maybe we should seek the one sending the message.
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Though we might not wish to believe in the wrath and judgment of God or in His sovereign use of destruction, it is real nonetheless.
Posted Sep. 28,2017 by | 7 Comments
Is God going to judge America, or has judgment of America already begun? The first sign of a nation's judgment is when He turns them over to their desires.
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There's much talk of Blood Moons, Shemitah, judgment, wrath of God, and economic collapse—our biggest temptation judgment is to focus on what is happening rather than the Judge.
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I want to discuss how personal judgment can equate situational salvation. And how I want to do this is by opening up my personal experience with God’s smiting hand.
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With tears and nakedness, they came strongly proclaiming God’s passion as friends of the Bridegroom.
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My concern is for the prophet who prophesies in personal wrath and judgment, then signs God's name on their words.
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