I had an experience I absolutely believe was the smile of God. I wonder now if he was an angel, because his smile was as radiant as a rainbow.
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Though we are to give thanks to God in everything, we are not called to REJOICE over everything. No, instead we are called to rejoice IN THE LORD always.
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“Diffusing my soul with joy.” If the presence of the Lord diffuses your soul with joy then you don't just love Him, you’re in love with Him.
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When we forgive, our joy comes from the removal of hindrances to fellowship. Forgiven and clean, how could we not experience the joy of the Lord in full!
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I am constantly learning something new about forgiveness. It's a much deeper well than I ever suspected, and the joy that follows is greater all the time.
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Joy is often the reward of work, and that’s illustrated amply in the passage of Nehemiah 8, which I’ve been on for weeks now. Do we let God give us joy?
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Everywhere I turn, there’s a new call to rejoice or a deeper purpose of joy revealed. The many meanings of joy are changing how I view God and the world.
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The world calls joy foolish. It often looks foolish to be joyful because things are just awful and getting worse by the day. But joy is not foolish.
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What if we rejoice not just because we share Christ’s sufferings but also because the enemy just revealed himself? It's a joy to have targets for prayer!
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Life is full of suffering, especially when your heart is open. And if I belong to Jesus, shouldn’t I be as full of joy as my life is full of suffering?
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It may look foolish or crazy to rejoice in the Lord when everything seems to be falling apart, but I think that there is power in joy that we don’t see.
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When did Christians surrender the idea of fun? There is a dearth of true joy in the life of the average believer, and it’s proof that something's wrong.
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