My life is a celebration of Christ; I don’t need a single day of awareness but the world does.
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Look up civilized in any dictionary, and you have to agree that the ways of God don’t fall under its definition. And God never apologizes for His ways.
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I love seeing evidence of the new heart God has given me. It’s one of my favorite adventures of the Christian life! But the timing is entirely God's.
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A citadel is intended to withstand a siege. That’s its purpose! The best fortress does not exist in theory; it has weathered its share of storms.
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Have you ever roared in righteous anger that Satan dared to come after your relationship with the Lord? If you haven't, may I ask why that is?
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The practical solution is a continuing choice: to exchange my life for Christ's life. There is no change for me, but there is divine EXchange!
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Even though I am alone, my life is about more than just me. Everyday I am building a heritage that is as eternal and significant as the God who promised it.
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Who’s in charge of my choice, me or my pout? The sad question of a simpleton perhaps, but that's okay because it broke through the din and stopped me cold.
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Do I believe in God? The Lord has never failed to check me when I put my faith in a ritual instead of Him but that doesn’t absolve me of my responsibility.
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Did you ever try hard not to try hard? Did you ever contribute to your attempt not to contribute? Do you ever find yourself making it a job just to receive?
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In heaven we will know what the impact of His gaze through us really was. Not our choice or our focus, but the eyes of Jesus looking out at the world in us.
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To ‘see’ Jesus with a focus of the heart and the eyes of the spirit—that is the hope of being changed and the way of radical connection to His very essence.
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