God is looking to us for our choice and our intention. Performance is not possible from the created, only by the Creator.
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Either Jesus is who He claims to be or He is an utter fraud. Cry Hosanna, because Jesus is all that He promised and HE LIVES! Hosanna for evermore!
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I have often found myself grieving that I don't love God more than I do. I want for Him more love and devotion than I am able to give. His answer to me was liberating.
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More than just a symbolic ritual, communion blasted me out of the accuser’s kill zone and into the presence of the Father and the Throne of Grace.
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I'm having to learn a rather crucial life lesson that never seems to end: it's not personal. Often, what I think is a personal attack actually is not personal at all.
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How many times do I make snap judgments about people? Do I care who the person really is? Do I display the general Shepherd aspect of Christ's character?
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Here is a reminder that I welcome with tears of relief and joy: The weight of the world isn't mine to carry. I am called to shine, not to solve.
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Some of you may be in store for some suffering this Christmas. I don’t know what plans the Lord has for you, but I bless your seeking Christ in it.
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I had an experience of “Not I, but Christ.” A living example of "It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me." — Just Behind My Eyes
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Any time I come out of my quiet life into the bubbling whirl of people, I need silence in the aftermath to seek God's face and restore my spirit.
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When God is the source of good in my life, when His goodness motivates my word or action, then that is the good that overcomes evil.
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After a rough day I asked God, "What do I do with this?" His response was, "Bring Me into it." If it's Christ in me, then I can bring Him into the world & leave it with Him.
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