There’s only One Life that is not the slave-life and that is the Life of Christ. Every other attempt to live this life is from self and slavery.
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The Lord never expects from my self-life, He expects only from the Life of His Son. Expecting Life from my self-life is like expecting a diamond to come from a mud pie.
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Some talk about the music and others are played as His instrument. He doesn't just want us to talk about His Life; He yearns to blow His Life through us.
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Some people have yearned for the singularity (uploading our brains into computers). And amazingly, God Himself has given us a solution to satisfy this deep desire, NOW!
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We open wide the door to the Life and power of Christ when we BELIEVE in Him. And it’s this miraculous life that Satan would keep from us if he could.
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I've seen the devastating effects of failing to believe that our Father makes all things new. Is there a place in your life where you're standing still too?
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My life is a celebration of Christ; I don’t need a single day of awareness but the world does.
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Look up civilized in any dictionary, and you have to agree that the ways of God don’t fall under its definition. And God never apologizes for His ways.
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I love seeing evidence of the new heart God has given me. It’s one of my favorite adventures of the Christian life! But the timing is entirely God's.
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A citadel is intended to withstand a siege. That’s its purpose! The best fortress does not exist in theory; it has weathered its share of storms.
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Have you ever roared in righteous anger that Satan dared to come after your relationship with the Lord? If you haven't, may I ask why that is?
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The practical solution is a continuing choice: to exchange my life for Christ's life. There is no change for me, but there is divine EXchange!
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