I choose what to believe and WHOM to believe. Every day. That’s what makes it my work to believe, to hold fast to God’s promises when they seem impossible.
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Seems everywhere I look, there’s a fool on a pedestal. And these fools were given a pedestal BECAUSE they rushed in where angels fear to tread.
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Every word of correction and every place that the Cross comes to kill something out of me is an example of where I’ve been pouring life into death.
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We were created to worship and we worship. The question is not whether, the question is what do we worship and who do we worship.
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If we're not seeking God for Himself, we'll affix our idea on Him to make Him what we want Him to be. That's an idea of God but not God.
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When you serve a god who is your idea of God rather than actually God, this is idolatry. Whoa! Is this Idolatry versus worship?
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Why wouldn’t I ­– couldn’t I – just let go of the deep hurt this person had inflicted? What was hindering me in reaching forgiveness?
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The penny for the plate is giving out of our complete poverty rather than abundant supply. Artifacts which stand between my unbridled passion, my yielded heart and ungarnished devotion.
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Having the name of a sin or stronghold is everything.
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I feel like I went from a Technicolor world to black-and-white.
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My whole life is marked by my refusal to accept the REALITY of emptiness.
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Idolatry is about our focus, so it can be love OR hate.
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