There’s nothing so solid as my opinion when it becomes my conviction. This is especially true when I feel I've formed that opinion on my own.
Posted Mar. 15,2016 by | 4 Comments
When I attempt to reason out a response to someone or some situation, I fall prey to the paradox that only the Holy Spirit can dance through.
Posted Jan. 15,2016 by | 2 Comments
Any time I come out of my quiet life into the bubbling whirl of people, I need silence in the aftermath to seek God's face and restore my spirit.
Posted Nov. 30,2015 by | 6 Comments
When God is the source of good in my life, when His goodness motivates my word or action, then that is the good that overcomes evil.
Posted Nov. 13,2015 by | 6 Comments
I’ve been so fixated on the completion of an assignment that I’ve made that the focus, my sole purpose. I took the responsibility and made a law of it.
Posted Oct. 23,2015 by | 3 Comments
God is ever and always the Initiator, and whenever I move outside of His initiating, I’m a vessel in trouble and at odds with my divine purpose.
Posted Sep. 25,2015 by | 6 Comments
Once you touch the 'high' of fake bliss, you are hooked on experience, and the simplicity of Christ is not enough for you.
Posted Sep. 23,2015 by | 9 Comments
Repentance has never erased what I’ve done; it simply ushered in the grace and forgiveness that I so desperately need just to walk through this life.
Posted Sep. 4,2015 by | 8 Comments
If the condition for finding Him is to search for Him with my whole heart, He must first connect me with my whole heart.
Posted Aug. 7,2015 by | 7 Comments
I asked God, "What is the purpose of my story, of my life?" I didn’t understand that in my story is the answer to this question.
Posted Jun. 12,2015 by | 7 Comments
Jesus came to set the world ablaze. It was an arson of mankind, a torch to relationships until they exist only for Him...a church set on fire!
Posted Jun. 2,2015 by | 7 Comments
Loneliness is a staple of the human condition, so how is it possible that I am no longer lonely? Is contentment and joy in solitude truly possible?
Posted May. 14,2015 by | 6 Comments