Christians have the victory, His name is Jesus. And the Holy Spirit is the power, the incentive, the source of prayer…because prayer has to come from Above.
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When the Lord brings a word of correction, a negative response is only truly dangerous if you don’t know that you’re wrong in having that very response.
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The bright Light of Christ isn’t a soft, cosmetic glow intended to warm the corpse-like pallor of humanity. It is our means of dying into LIFE.
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We know well the law of reaping what we've sown, but to our eternal loss, we ignore our own repercussions when they come—the nightmare we’ve chosen.
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To live in the Spirit you have to live as the Spirit—like a breeze with no control. Control is found anywhere that I’m not living like a breeze.
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Who’s in charge of my choice, me or my pout? The sad question of a simpleton perhaps, but that's okay because it broke through the din and stopped me cold.
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Do I believe in God? The Lord has never failed to check me when I put my faith in a ritual instead of Him but that doesn’t absolve me of my responsibility.
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We have to know God's will and His heart in every moment. There is no neutral ground in the Christian life, there's only following the Spirit or rebellion.
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In heaven we will know what the impact of His gaze through us really was. Not our choice or our focus, but the eyes of Jesus looking out at the world in us.
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At any time I can be a wandering sheep. I always have to re-learn that the Spirit of Christ should make every choice, no matter how insignificant.
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Every word of correction and every place that the Cross comes to kill something out of me is an example of where I’ve been pouring life into death.
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Either Jesus is who He claims to be or He is an utter fraud. Cry Hosanna, because Jesus is all that He promised and HE LIVES! Hosanna for evermore!
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