The result of being closed-fisted rather than open-hearted is constraint on my relationship with Christ. I'm required to engage my heart by keeping it open.
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The heart is the seat and center of human life, and is where the issues of the spirit and the will are settled.
Posted Aug. 16,2018 by | 7 Comments
I'm anchored to my heart because it beats with the reality of me. We can't be men after God's own heart without being connected to our hearts first.
Posted Aug. 13,2018 by | 6 Comments
The heart sends out clues to signal us, like red flags of distress. These waving banners are sent up like flares to warn and attract our attention.
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Preferring AI is a shocking thought, but as our anger globally flares up and lashes out, we might just look to our computers to be a buffer.
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You can be technically perfect yet fail to make art. It doesn't matter what your trade, you can make art – carpenter, orator, writer, painter, doctor, businessman, even parent. Any trade can be more than a simple task or job and become art.
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