Look up civilized in any dictionary, and you have to agree that the ways of God don’t fall under its definition. And God never apologizes for His ways.
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To tell God “what is” rather than listening to Him to hear what is, is pride. This always leads to death and devastation—always!
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If I’m not willing to be sifted now, then I will not survive the coming quake. The countdown to madness is on and only God knows if we'll get a reprieve.
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A curse without cause will fly harmlessly over my head…unless I’ve opened a door to the enemy somewhere in my heart. Unfortunately, I had opened the door.
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I made a law of a gift and strangled the life and joy out of the whole process. What had been fun became duty and obligation until I hated it all.
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One of our greatest sins against self is to be defined & confined by our ideas of our self. Our thoughts must be authored by God’s own thoughts.
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I witnessed someone fight God's calling, resist God's evident love. And I was shocked to see that fighting to keep God away requires a monumental work.
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If you’re not a narcissist, then you will have many clarifying moments of truth about yourself. These wake-up calls never stop. Why? Because God loves us.
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Knowledge can be impressively displayed, but it's not enough. There’s a huge need for wisdom today, and precious few people seem to be asking for it.
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I like loving and being loved, but being needy? A desperate need, no less? That’s a really uncomfortable place to be, and I wonder why it's even necessary?
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Revelation brings me to God. It removes obstacles and creates desire for my heart’s union with Jesus. Obfuscation builds a wall between the Lord and me.
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Having the Amen! as opposed to an Oh my! There is a very distinct difference between a person who responds with an Amen! versus one who says Oh my!
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