Life is the stage set for our intimate knowledge of God, a rich knowing of the Most High.
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Quiet was never intended to be an occasional gift from God; it is a necessity. And when I am forced to wait for Him, I am forced to be quiet.
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The work to believe may be the hardest work we’ll ever do, but the rewards for a job well done are beyond our imagining. Here's a story of work rewarded.
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I am tempted to hate the person who pokes at my open wounds, wounds that are only open because I lack forgiveness in that place. Once I forgive, I'm free.
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Any time I come out of my quiet life into the bubbling whirl of people, I need silence in the aftermath to seek God's face and restore my spirit.
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I know the gift that is loving someone, yet I have been a miser when it comes to letting someone love me. I've denied that gift to others.
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The heart cannot stay contained. What is in it will soon spill out, and God alone can bear the full truth of a human heart.
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Trauma and abuse can negatively affect our physical bodies. Our body can literally be like a scorecard keeping a record of life’s events, telling our story.
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If the condition for finding Him is to search for Him with my whole heart, He must first connect me with my whole heart.
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I only have one story, and so do you. Until we’ve made peace with our story, we’re either a walking time bomb or a master of lies.
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Living healed rather than broken matters because I'm not the only one in the world who's been hurt. The walking wounded are everywhere and they're in need.
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We are called to be many things in this Christian life but none of them are synonyms for being broken and wounded for all eternity. God promised healing.
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