Before the many, many martyred Christians in history were martyred, I think they were living martyrs.
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There’s a huge difference between talking to God ­­– and hearing Him – and enjoying fellowship with Him.
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It isn't just my existence that's part of God’s plan; my salvation is too.
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When I pick up my responsibility and step into the authority given by God over that responsibility, He will provide what I need.
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He never responds to me by my condition, rather according to my destination.
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I've been a “house divided against itself” if ever there was one. The apathy around my heart has grow thicker every time I disrespected my very being.
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We’re warned that we see through a glass darkly, yet still we hold to the illusion that we know enough.
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Most of us don’t take risks when it comes to meeting people.
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I’m kind of a jerk these days.
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So I’m empty and awkward and discombobulated . . . and fasting. There’s no way that I should be able to do this right now.
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Usually my repentance is followed by joy. Not this time.
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I couldn’t afford to miss the window of grace. I did say “yes” to Him and “no” to me, but I needed every ounce of grace to do it.
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