"Being a good person begins with being a wise person." Justice Antonin Scalia was a wise man labeled a fool by most of the world, and he was unmoved by it.
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There’s a factor left unmentioned in my last post about three tragic lives: GRACE! I wanted to dedicate a whole post to it.
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I sometimes wonder if the foundation of respect within the Spirit’s kindness isn’t the key to being able to pour God’s love on a stranger in an instant.
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I know the gift that is loving someone, yet I have been a miser when it comes to letting someone love me. I've denied that gift to others.
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I’ve been so fixated on the completion of an assignment that I’ve made that the focus, my sole purpose. I took the responsibility and made a law of it.
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I have discovered a secret in the heart of God. This hidden motive lies behind the consequences that result from my choices, both good and bad.
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Because of free will, we can refuse the lavish outpouring of Love and grace, even though it’s the very thing we most desperately need.
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I have touched insanity a few times in my life, and each time it was because I believed the lie that there were no consequences for my choices.
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I am desperate for God's forgiveness and cleansing, but His condition stands. I must forgive.
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Because of a child, my illusions about my old “self” are dead. It took me a long time to find out how to change, but I never forgot how much I need God!
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Beauty and Buddy are part of my salvation story, because they were part of how the Lord broke open my heart and gave me eyes to see a life beyond my own.
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I only have one story, and so do you. Until we’ve made peace with our story, we’re either a walking time bomb or a master of lies.
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