Whichever way you choose, God supports. It's amazing how much the prodigal's father supported his son's choice. He enabled him to go and held back nothing!
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I live in constant awareness of the Lord’s soon return and that means being willing to be made ready to meet His Blazing Eyes. Are you being made ready too?
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Repentance enters the redemption that Christ sowed with the seed of His Life-Blood and we gain the unearned liberty of suffering none of our consequences.
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The Prodigal’s waste is inexcusable. Then and now. What parent could just dismiss such sin and betrayal? What father could instantly trust such a child?
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What I’m seeing in a whole new light today is just how much the enemy brings to bear against every start I make in the direction of Jesus Christ.
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If someone mocks me and I respond to them with mockery and earn their enmity, it’s not Christ that they’re targeting. I was the one to make it personal.
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As the world spirals deeper into lawlessness, the “where sin abounded” part of the verse is featured more often without the following promise of grace.
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The story of the botched 'Ecce Homo' fresco isn't a story of shame or failure, though both are there. It is a story of God's great mercy and unfailing love.
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"Being a good person begins with being a wise person." Justice Antonin Scalia was a wise man labeled a fool by most of the world, and he was unmoved by it.
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There’s a factor left unmentioned in my last post about three tragic lives: GRACE! I wanted to dedicate a whole post to it.
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I sometimes wonder if the foundation of respect within the Spirit’s kindness isn’t the key to being able to pour God’s love on a stranger in an instant.
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I know the gift that is loving someone, yet I have been a miser when it comes to letting someone love me. I've denied that gift to others.
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