When we believe that an authority has wronged us, especially one placed there by God, God is the one we blame.
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Sometimes I forget that this world is at war, and peace is the anomaly, not fighting.
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When I speak now in defense of the Light, I speak as someone who used to hate it unapologetically.
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We all form responses to life in our inward heart. Whether we remain vulnerable to God or take matters into our own hands.
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There is a chronic ailment that’s becoming an epidemic in our world. Our society is plagued with this issue.
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Resistance to God and His order creates evil, death, and destruction.
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We come now to the heart of what’s at stake in making peace with parents: loving God.
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My pursuit of escape was itself an accusation against God for my life.
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The best that could be done to portray the mother of God’s chosen people was this?!
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We just don’t realize that is the bottom of sin… that we hate Him because He won’t let us be God, and He won’t do as I want and as I say.
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