Cancel culture is real and it is in all of our faces. And not only does it seek to silence the’s ultimate goal is to destroy dissenters.
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I want to prove that every situation ultimately blesses the one in the Will of God. The child of God can be continual blessed in every situation.
Posted Jun. 18,2020 by | 3 Comments
I witnessed someone fight God's calling, resist God's evident love. And I was shocked to see that fighting to keep God away requires a monumental work.
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When we step into the divine inheritance and move from hating God to loving Him, the power of the curses we inherited and earned on our own is broken.
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Consequences that are personal can also become national. I believe that we are witnessing the effects of generational curses (Romans 1) writ large.
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As the world spirals deeper into lawlessness, the “where sin abounded” part of the verse is featured more often without the following promise of grace.
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I've met many who hate their life. I've even hated living at times. But I'm now seeing the root cause of this and the end result of hating your life.
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Last week, as I pulled up to a bank's night depository, a man screamed out of his car window, "They're closed, you #%^* idiot!"
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The silent character: There’s a character in every story that often remains unknown. One that very few attest to and even fewer acknowledge.
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As wicked as it might seem, I once believed that my fear was a valid excuse for disobedience if that's what I needed to do to stay safe.
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Fear makes me insane! When I withhold the truth of my heart from God, the only thing I do is prevent the cleansing and healing I truly need.
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The one reason that I willfully refused the Truth for so long, continuing in my own self-effort and bloodless salvation, is that I had no fear of the Lord.
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