The more God shows this debtor of the vast, Everest-like mountain of forgiveness I require, the more joy I have in extending forgiveness to someone else.
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We can flinch mentally and emotionally as well as physically, and what the Holy Spirit showed me is that flinching is a hardening of the heart.
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When we forgive, our joy comes from the removal of hindrances to fellowship. Forgiven and clean, how could we not experience the joy of the Lord in full!
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I am constantly learning something new about forgiveness. It's a much deeper well than I ever suspected, and the joy that follows is greater all the time.
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A curse without cause will fly harmlessly over my head…unless I’ve opened a door to the enemy somewhere in my heart. Unfortunately, I had opened the door.
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A prayer offered up for forgiveness, cleansing, and healing from SELF-HATRED. Are you ready to live as one forgiven, cleansed & ultimately healed completely?
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If I want to be a forgiver, I not only have to inquire of God about what the offense is but also receive from His Life His forgiveness.
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When we step into the divine inheritance and move from hating God to loving Him, the power of the curses we inherited and earned on our own is broken.
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Did you ever try hard not to try hard? Did you ever contribute to your attempt not to contribute? Do you ever find yourself making it a job just to receive?
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What I’m seeing in a whole new light today is just how much the enemy brings to bear against every start I make in the direction of Jesus Christ.
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If someone mocks me and I respond to them with mockery and earn their enmity, it’s not Christ that they’re targeting. I was the one to make it personal.
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Offering an apology to others is pretty well ingrained in me as good behavior and even better manners, but is it applicable to life as a disciple of Christ?
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