The innate blessing and protection that accompanies respect for authority was remarkably evident in the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.
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I looked at one part of my life and said, “I know the truth here.” I didn’t ask the Lord what He saw, or He would have told me. I just believed I knew.
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Too often I assess things according to what I see right in front of me. I am caught in my own narrow perspective, an inevitably dark place of unbelief.
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I want to live aware of the Gaze of God's eyes upon me. Eyes that see everything and from which I don’t need to hide. Eyes that gaze with Love not control.
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The silent character: There’s a character in every story that often remains unknown. One that very few attest to and even fewer acknowledge.
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Hysterical fear and the fear of death have been deep strongholds in me even before I was in touch with those fears, but there is an answer.
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By the time the news broke with the ISIS attacks in Paris, I was already drowning and that just pushed me over the edge. “Where are You, God?”
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When God is the source of good in my life, when His goodness motivates my word or action, then that is the good that overcomes evil.
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My feelings are a barometer for what’s being churned up in my heart, but they aren’t the last word on my situation. And thank God for that!
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Not relegating ourselves to the Will of God will leave us paupers. To grasp for more will making us unable to actually receive what He wants to give.
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I’ve been so fixated on the completion of an assignment that I’ve made that the focus, my sole purpose. I took the responsibility and made a law of it.
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It’s not hard for me to start off well in repentance and then veer off the path, but repentance can't be an excuse for me to disobey the Spirit’s leading.
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