When I see the darkness revving up, there is a corresponding move of God that dwarfs the best Satan can do. When darkness falls on us, Light rises.
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I can’t reveal and release myself from the snares I’ve walked into, but I can receive the discipline that comes to free me from all that entangles.
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Christians have the victory, His name is Jesus. And the Holy Spirit is the power, the incentive, the source of prayer…because prayer has to come from Above.
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It’s one thing to acknowledge the truth that we are at war while life is quiet. But it’s a bucket of ice water to the face to see that war spill out in real time.
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Being the beneficiary of spiritual sight was equal parts fascinating and terrifying for me, but under the eyes of Jesus, my whole world changed.
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In heaven we will know what the impact of His gaze through us really was. Not our choice or our focus, but the eyes of Jesus looking out at the world in us.
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To ‘see’ Jesus with a focus of the heart and the eyes of the spirit—that is the hope of being changed and the way of radical connection to His very essence.
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I had been exerting such grim effort to relax and gaze and then the Spirit comes lightly inside a task where I was exerting no effort at all, just living.
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I made gazing a law and then was surprised when it bored and crushed me. What a gift to know that gazing is nothing like I thought it was; it's amazing!
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Every time that I want something from somebody or look to them to provide me with something I need or want, I am in hot pursuit of the world's approval.
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"Being a good person begins with being a wise person." Justice Antonin Scalia was a wise man labeled a fool by most of the world, and he was unmoved by it.
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The innate blessing and protection that accompanies respect for authority was remarkably evident in the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.
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