Our inalienable rights–life, liberty, and our pursuit of happiness–don't necessarily coincide with the declaration of dependence found in the beatitudes.
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We were never intended to dwell outside of Peace. So recently I turned off my endless drone of news and chatter. I found that it was disturbing the peace in my life.
Posted Jul. 16,2018 by | 3 Comments
I'm disturbed that things are changing and they'll affect my life, my comfort, and my convenience. I want the News to stop making me uncomfortable.
Posted Aug. 24,2017 by | 8 Comments
If I pinch off the conduit of love for myself, then I can’t be a vessel of delivery to bring it to another. I am called to love myself and to love others.
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Though we are to give thanks to God in everything, we are not called to REJOICE over everything. No, instead we are called to rejoice IN THE LORD always.
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Life is the stage set for our intimate knowledge of God, a rich knowing of the Most High.
Posted Nov. 16,2016 by | 5 Comments
I want to call out the 800-pound gorilla in the room—the presidential elections, debates, and constant mud slinging. How is God leading us through this?
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A citadel is intended to withstand a siege. That’s its purpose! The best fortress does not exist in theory; it has weathered its share of storms.
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This life is fleeting, but born-again believers are eternal beings. I have eternal life in Christ, who dwells in me, and if you're His, then you do too.
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When my ability to wait patiently on the Lord dissolves into ‘WHERE ARE YOU ALREADY?!’ then I’ve exposed exactly what my heart condition really is.
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I have learned a secret, one open and available to every child of God. But you must really need this powerful, transforming secret before you see it.
Posted Jul. 25,2016 by | 7 Comments
Revelation brings me to God. It removes obstacles and creates desire for my heart’s union with Jesus. Obfuscation builds a wall between the Lord and me.
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