When I finally saw God, I embraced Him, embraced His will, and embraced my aloneness—and my lie was cast down.
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When you seek just to know God, you find Him in surprising places. Our God is everywhere. He rules in every place He seats us, especially the ordinary.
Posted Oct. 16,2015 by | 6 Comments
As wicked as it might seem, I once believed that my fear was a valid excuse for disobedience if that's what I needed to do to stay safe.
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Fear makes me insane! When I withhold the truth of my heart from God, the only thing I do is prevent the cleansing and healing I truly need.
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The heart cannot stay contained. What is in it will soon spill out, and God alone can bear the full truth of a human heart.
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If you live with fear for too long, lots and lots of fear that never really goes away, then sooner or later something snaps.
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We have all been caught in a contract of lies at one time or another, but there's always a way out.
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At the end of the two surgeries and weeks of healing, there was just me and a finger that felt like Frankenstein.
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It’s so easy to get swept up in the idea of telling “my story” that I forget that my testimony is only eternal for what it reveals about Jesus Christ.
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The severely wounded turn mean and vicious even as they beg for healing.
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In taking back my will, I closed the door to the fear.
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Knowledge is no match for belief.
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