The one talent servant said, "I was afraid I would lose your money, so I hid it in the earth." I can clearly see how I can run to the world and hide my talents.
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The battle for my soul turned on the issue of ownership and now my daily cross confronts the same: Who owns me? Is it Jesus or have I enthroned another?
Posted Jun. 18,2018 by | 6 Comments
If I make my fear a Custer’s Last Stand of anxiety against God, then yes, I’m setting myself up for the inevitable fall. It reveals my bitterness with Him.
Posted Jan. 1,2018 by | 10 Comments
I'm disturbed that things are changing and they'll affect my life, my comfort, and my convenience. I want the News to stop making me uncomfortable.
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Dealing honestly with fear is human and not blasphemous. But a fearmonger doesn’t acknowledge the sovereignty of God; his god is fear and that is blasphemy.
Posted Nov. 17,2016 by | 3 Comments
Silence is healing for the heart and mind. It is rest and restoration for the senses and the spirit. And our God is in the silence we so desperately need.
Posted Oct. 11,2016 by | 16 Comments
Fear has struck and will strike us all. But when fear strikes, we don’t have to stay stricken. We belong to Jesus Christ and HE rules, not fear.
Posted Oct. 7,2016 by | 3 Comments
When I see the darkness revving up, there is a corresponding move of God that dwarfs the best Satan can do. When darkness falls on us, Light rises.
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It’s one thing to acknowledge the truth that we are at war while life is quiet. But it’s a bucket of ice water to the face to see that war spill out in real time.
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When crisis hits and the wind blows and whirls, will I be tossed in the tempest or anchored to my Rock? It isn't easy to wait quietly for God to deliver me.
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Quiet was never intended to be an occasional gift from God; it is a necessity. And when I am forced to wait for Him, I am forced to be quiet.
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As I was sitting thinking of the world's chaos and violence, I became so hungry. What rose in me was desire and appreciation for the blessings of God's Great Goodness.
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