As I was sitting thinking of the world's chaos and violence, I became so hungry. What rose in me was desire and appreciation for the blessings of God's Great Goodness.
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A number of times I have weighed certain puzzling relationships on this ground: if we were in a battle, would this person die or flee to save their life?
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If Satan can convince me that God has no power to intervene in my life and that God’s will is the worst thing ever, then he’s got me.
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The work to believe may be the hardest work we’ll ever do, but the rewards for a job well done are beyond our imagining. Here's a story of work rewarded.
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The sand is shifting and sinking across the globe, and if I leave my rock foundation to visit the houses built on that sand, I roll and sink with them.
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Our days are numbered and kept by our sovereign God, and nothing can overthrow His move on when and how we leave this earth. God is in charge, not man.
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I don’t think that courage is infectious exactly, but when it exposes the impotence of fear, it can relay hope to the hearts of those oppressed.
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"Being a good person begins with being a wise person." Justice Antonin Scalia was a wise man labeled a fool by most of the world, and he was unmoved by it.
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Desperation of the flesh is not the "sacrifice" of a broken and contrite heart that God responds to, but it can be a step in the right direction.
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The innate blessing and protection that accompanies respect for authority was remarkably evident in the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.
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I am tempted to hate the person who pokes at my open wounds, wounds that are only open because I lack forgiveness in that place. Once I forgive, I'm free.
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Hysterical fear and the fear of death have been deep strongholds in me even before I was in touch with those fears, but there is an answer.
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