I was hungry for His touch and willing to travel about to find it. Any meeting that promised the manifest presence of God, I was there.
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SO if I’m resurrected with a new nature, then why do I struggle so continually?
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Unfortunately, there is an army of entitled ones waging war on the world. You meet them everywhere.
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What will it cost me to abandon my entitlement?
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It might be an inner demand softly whispered in our thoughts, but our demands are heard loudly to every passerby.
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We can lament and mourn but God will not indulge our demands to be enthroned. He’ll remain our Lord or we’ll serve Satan. There really is no middle ground here.
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We all form responses to life in our inward heart. Whether we remain vulnerable to God or take matters into our own hands.
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We all feel entitled to desires of some kind. They’re real and true, so much so they can even become a part of us. So when do desires become toxic?
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There is a chronic ailment that’s becoming an epidemic in our world. Our society is plagued with this issue.
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