I’ve never seen the dangers of privilege without purpose so starkly represented as in the lives of these two royal sisters, Elizabeth and Margaret.
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I don’t know if we now possess what it takes to fight! Do we really want what we have been given and willing to fight for it!
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The princess mentality encourages the very worst in women: entitlement, indulgence, and superiority. It is the epitome of privilege without purpose.
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I am constantly learning something new about forgiveness. It's a much deeper well than I ever suspected, and the joy that follows is greater all the time.
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God's sovereignty is a life or death issue. If lordship and salvation are synonymous, then the importance of His sovereignty, which is Him ruling as Lord, is paramount.
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Am I a giver or taker? This is not a question that is fun to consider, because the answer is found in God’s view of my life, not my personal assessment.
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Desperation of the flesh is not the "sacrifice" of a broken and contrite heart that God responds to, but it can be a step in the right direction.
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We can pray someone into their right mind, giving them complete clarity when they choose, but we cannot override their choice.
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I have touched insanity a few times in my life, and each time it was because I believed the lie that there were no consequences for my choices.
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Blinded by the darkness, I walked around stabbing people left and right while believing myself to be a pitiably wounded creature in need of defense.
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When I believe something must always be happening in order to be happy, I will be led by happenings and not by purpose.
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Simply put, NO is the most offensive curse word in the English language. And it’s what stands between happy, smiley people and fiends.
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