My God is able to use even my mouth and heart as an instrument to proclaim His symphony. He is winning, whether I feel, see, or even sense His victory.
Posted Jun. 30,2022 by | 2 Comments
When I say I want to do something without engaging my choice to move on it, I deceive myself. We rule our choices and then our decisions rule us.
Posted Mar. 26,2020 by | 2 Comments
I can come to the table with a whole list of wants yet never choose. All my best intentions only paint an ideal rather than deliver results.
Posted Mar. 23,2020 by | 11 Comments
The one in God is given the desires of God's heart. Yes, the Lord implants His own desires in us and then He leads us to fulfill those desires for Him through us.
Posted Jun. 14,2016 by | 6 Comments