It’s becoming far too common for people to prefer to live in delusion rather than reality. Living by presumption rather than living by the Voice.
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Maxed out with information? Today's blog reveals the solution to our insane predilection for knowledge and how to live with informational overload.
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I am called to be righteous but often I don't feel righteous. So where does my righteousness come from? Do I make righteousness?
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So here is the ease of the Christian life. ALL God’s promises have been fulfilled in the Life of His Son.
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I AM over your body! Your body is under My control, not your circumstances nor your dominance, for I wield your body as MY instrument to make Myself known.
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All our supply, which sustains our life, is given by seeking HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness. Yet all my righteous deeds and acts of kingdom building have been farces and fairytales.
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When we choose independence from God, we become blind to the provision as well as to our Provider. Thanksgiving and gratitude go out the window when we desire to be independent of God.
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Here is a story of the Kingdom, and God's great love for us, and His amazing faithfulness. A joyous reminder of His huge heart is so needed today!
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Fear has struck and will strike us all. But when fear strikes, we don’t have to stay stricken. We belong to Jesus Christ and HE rules, not fear.
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If I’m not willing to be sifted now, then I will not survive the coming quake. The countdown to madness is on and only God knows if we'll get a reprieve.
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I made a law of a gift and strangled the life and joy out of the whole process. What had been fun became duty and obligation until I hated it all.
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Why do men get so aggravated while working with electronics or mechanical things? I know exactly why: because it rubs up against our curse.
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