To belong to God is to play second fiddle in your own life symphony.
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I knew that sooner or later I’d end up in front of God.
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A secret about God, His choice of parents, and an attitude of heart leading to our successfully reaping all the fruit intended for us in the gift of our parents.
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We come now to the heart of what’s at stake in making peace with parents: loving God.
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God doesn’t leave us hating our parents; that’s not His goal.
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Short answer? Yes, if we want to be a disciple of Christ.
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Idolatry is about our focus, so it can be love OR hate.
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You have no spiritual discernment when you project your parents' faces on everyone you meet.
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The face value of any circumstance is usually a mere delivery system, the true definition is held in the mind of God.
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If you don’t make peace with your story, then you aren’t you.
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Listening to the messenger and missing the message.
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Are we shaped more powerfully by our response to what we didn’t have than by what we did?
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