The fact will always remain that I will never be who I was destined to be without receiving the vessels of my making—my parents.
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All of us have a barrier set up by God, which He intends us to climb and overcome. It's a barrier to God which is perfectly crafted for our making.
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Love of the world reaches deep into the heart of man, grasping to fix, redo, and gain something primal. Often it is fueled by unresolved parental issues.
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Is it possible that the moral degradation of the human soul that is illustrated so vividly in Romans 1 directly impacts our bodies down to the genetic code?
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Sure, we can do the work of separating from our parents (in part), but until we deal with the actual tie, which is our idolatry, we’ll still seek their love.
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Blinded by the darkness, I walked around stabbing people left and right while believing myself to be a pitiably wounded creature in need of defense.
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Many of our hurts are like an engram on our souls. Though we may recover our autonomy, the effects of some of these wounds may leave a permanent limp in our gait.
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I'd like to explore how we are affected when those who matter most deny us of what we think we need most of all.
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Jesus made it possible for us to have our Perfect Father and to be His intimate child.
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When it comes to parents, your soul may not be the only one in danger.
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God may call you to confront your parents, or He may not.
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"You have turned things around, as if the potter were the same as the clay."
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