For unto us a Son is given. The Son, the Child born under the Star of heaven’s Joy Was given – unto us! Born – unto us!
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I don’t celebrate a pagan holiday. No, I pray with exuberant joy that Jesus' name will come to be known to lost multitudes throughout the Christmas season.
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Christ was born into night to overshine the darkness of a lost Eden.
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When Jesus comes, there enters a perfect glory that is at once redemptive and destructive.
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Christ was born not only TO the world, but all new WITHIN those who are touched from Above, captured by the Word.
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There is still a secret of the Messiah and of the Christ. The Good News is better than we thought.
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The coming of the Son, heralded by heaven as news of joy for all, was obscure and unnoticed on earth, announced to only a chosen few.
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Instead of working and analyzing and mulling and pondering, I think that I’m going to take a deep breath and LET GO.
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We are the body and the Body of His residence, His place in this hostile world.
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The Lord God is 'with us' by the most amazing intimacy…accessible, reachable, knowable!
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Anna, remembered in scripture and noted for the sacrifice of her entire lifetime, was given the privilege to see, to rejoice in, the Messiah present on earth.
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Spiritual reality is knowing God so intimately that you see Him in His disguises while others walk on by.
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