The benefit of living IN Christ is that my life is done for me, through me. This is the most exciting news, while being the most devastating to our ego.
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"Christ in you the hope of glory" and "Not I but Christ" are two aspects of the same reality and revelation. But many find it difficult to actually live IN Christ.
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I'm seeing that we are called to stand for the permanence and dignity of THE KINGDOM. I'm here to bear witness to the victory and excellence of God's Kingdom.
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We, God’s children, mustn't live in our opinions. My life is not my own, which includes all of my opinions. I am to be impartial which isn't natural!
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Christ as me doesn’t allow me to bypass me in an avoidance of responsibility. Christ’s Life is the Light of exposure that beams upon all that is not Christ in me.
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We're never going to receive nor experience Sonship merely by listening to a teaching on the subject.
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God doesn’t send us to work alone in His garden for Him; we go into His garden and He works through us.
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What were you saved for? What were you saved from? What were you saved to? If you are satisfied with your path. PLEASE, don't read this!
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What does Not I, but Christ mean in reality? Where’s the distinction? How can I exist and have it be the life of Christ?
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