I am utterly amazed at how religion and the world system isolates and separates us while Christ calls us to community and to be ONE.
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God said it is better to remain single, if possible, while at the same time God says we are to be church, which is two or more gathered together. This is my takeaway.
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The enemy isn’t given free rein to ravage me. My enemies are only allowed to devour my flesh; they can’t claim my spirit.
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I heard an interview with Stephen Willeford, the man who stopped the evil shooter in Sutherland Springs, TX. This massacre was perpetrated on family.
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In a grand piano, thousands of parts all work together in a feat of engineering that is mind-blowing in its complexity, not unlike the transcendent church.
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I now know what Church is! I have the purpose of Church. As I look at John 17:21 I have had such a seeing!
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