Everything that we write about on this blog means nothing without the Blood and the Spirit.
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I’ve believed that desire was my qualification for relationship with God.
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Our desire isn’t what gives us entrance, access to the Father is only granted through the Blood of His Son.
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"Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth!” (Songs 1:2), has always intrigued me. So, I want to bridge my Blood posts with Bridal intimacy.
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When you know what was purchased through the Blood, then you can apply the Blood to your life.
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As one who for so many years wanted to live by restitution, resolution, goodness, merit, and just doing it better…the reality of the Blood has set me free.
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The only solution to everything is reckoning yourself dead. There is no other solution to sin. And there is no other sin but this: to let the old man live.
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The Blood is not some magic spell to be chanted as we please and on our terms. I could ask God to wash me clean all day long without a single permanent change. I had to be born-again in reality first.
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There's a real big difference between receiving the Blood and forgiving yourself... something totally different than just regular confession. This is taking it into a realm of complete freedom.
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When the Holy Spirit applies the Blood to your entire being - body, soul, and spirit - you stand before God in a confidence that you can't possibly have any other way.
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