A prayer offered up for forgiveness, cleansing, and healing from SELF-HATRED. Are you ready to live as one forgiven, cleansed & ultimately healed completely?
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When we step into the divine inheritance and move from hating God to loving Him, the power of the curses we inherited and earned on our own is broken.
Posted Jun. 3,2016 by | 9 Comments
Consequences that are personal can also become national. I believe that we are witnessing the effects of generational curses (Romans 1) writ large.
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I have collected shame like some people collect coins. And it’s a brutal principality that's been eating my life and my joy this whole time.
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More than just a symbolic ritual, communion blasted me out of the accuser’s kill zone and into the presence of the Father and the Throne of Grace.
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Because of free will, we can refuse the lavish outpouring of Love and grace, even though it’s the very thing we most desperately need.
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Hypocrisy demands of others what you will not do yourself, while redemption calls others to account with the same LOVE and LIGHT that holds us accountable.
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Love that professes to die for the Lord can’t carry it out by a determination of the flesh. No matter how much we wish it to be so, flesh is completely incapable.
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If you confess your sin but you don’t access the Blood by faith, then you really never have the work of the Spirit and the Blood within you.
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In the Old Testament, you had to try to please God. In the New Testament, Christ has pleased Him and it’s over.
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I can’t do it! I can’t live this life He’s given me. I can’t conquer sin!
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To receive the Blood is to receive the power of the Blood to work in your body for health and in your conscience for cleansing.
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