Why Jonah resisted going to Nineveh? He was ardently convicted for some reason beyond mere repulsion or prejudice of the Ninevites. What was it?
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There's an onslaught against my life begs me to source my energy in hate and discord, rather than love. Love is the Source of Life & hatred is the fuel for the devil.
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Queen Esther saved her people did so with behavior that was markedly different from Vashti. That bears consideration, even if it makes us uncomfortable.
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I've seen the truth about my rebellion against God and authority. Without authority, I get death! But under authority, the heavens are opened for me.
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We rarely see the inevitable link between seed sown and fruit grown, but spiritual sanity is the God-given revelation that you will get back all you give.
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Is it possible that the moral degradation of the human soul that is illustrated so vividly in Romans 1 directly impacts our bodies down to the genetic code?
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All Creation has a lesson to teach us. Come read how the Creation Story is reflected in our personal lives and hear the vital call it has for us all.
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I am tempted to hate the person who pokes at my open wounds, wounds that are only open because I lack forgiveness in that place. Once I forgive, I'm free.
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The Truth is Jesus Christ and He’s in the heavens, but He’s also in the dirt. Fully human, fully divine—the Truth is as much a paradox as Jesus.
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I have touched insanity a few times in my life, and each time it was because I believed the lie that there were no consequences for my choices.
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Most of us don’t even realize that we are living in the consequences produced by our own unforgiveness and bitterness.
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Blinded by the darkness, I walked around stabbing people left and right while believing myself to be a pitiably wounded creature in need of defense.
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