When did Christians surrender the idea of fun? There is a dearth of true joy in the life of the average believer, and it’s proof that something's wrong.
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Fear has struck and will strike us all. But when fear strikes, we don’t have to stay stricken. We belong to Jesus Christ and HE rules, not fear.
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Being utterly known by Jesus isn’t just an idea. He knows me, knows my wounds, and He moved to save me from a situation that would have gutted me badly.
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I heard a message delivered by a dear friend of mine. At the time it skewered me. Someone put to words with a visual picture a message I had resisted all my life.
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To tell God “what is” rather than listening to Him to hear what is, is pride. This always leads to death and devastation—always!
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The Gospel carries within it the death of me, but that's not all. My life for Christ's life is the beginning of a life beyond the limits of my dreams.
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Even though I am alone, my life is about more than just me. Everyday I am building a heritage that is as eternal and significant as the God who promised it.
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Because of Christ, God commits to our children too. I have specific promises that are rock solid and give me hope and joy and peace about my descendants!
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Precious children of God are being persecuted, slaughtered and brutalized as never before in history. Our Family in Christ is in desperate need of prayer!
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“Do you know God? Well then hello brother!” Wouldn’t it be great to live every day more receiving than reserved?
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Either Jesus is who He claims to be or He is an utter fraud. Cry Hosanna, because Jesus is all that He promised and HE LIVES! Hosanna for evermore!
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Sure, we can do the work of separating from our parents (in part), but until we deal with the actual tie, which is our idolatry, we’ll still seek their love.
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