Submission isn't optional for humanity. I submit. You submit. We ALL submit, every day. So the question that must be asked is to whom do I submit?
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My officials don’t represent my values at all, even though they campaigned proclaiming my values as their own—taxation without representation much?!
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What is the power of living under a leader you neither like nor agree with? My disagreement with my leaders doesn't justify my reviling of their authority.
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Our leaders, independent of their political views, are reflecting our own hearts. So what's God saying to us Christians? What are we supposed to do about this?
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With riots in Ferguson, Baltimore,'s not bad cops gone wild nor a rebellious youth uprising, it's about a different authority we each must face.
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For years worked on SEO. I’ve struggled & strained to rank in Google’s SEO algorithm. In this post, I’m going to discuss the spiritual roots of Google SEO.
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The Light is very bright in His Body, much brighter than most people are willing to bear.
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Authority is one of the tools God uses to shepherd us.
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I have taken an oil painting class for over 3 years, and though classic training has been the purpose, another thing has emerged as a lesson. It's something deeply spiritual.
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It’s not just chastening that comes through my spiritual authority.
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