A little ring, strategically placed right in the soft, tender flesh of the nose, is more than enough to stop a bull.
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Disease and health, like circumstances, are rooted in thought. Sickly thoughts will express themselves through a sickly body.
Posted Jan. 4,2018 by | 5 Comments
If I make my fear a Custer’s Last Stand of anxiety against God, then yes, I’m setting myself up for the inevitable fall. It reveals my bitterness with Him.
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So, if anxiety is unbelief in God's ability to live my life, what do I believe in?
Posted Dec. 28,2017 by | 14 Comments
“Hey, I am going to remodel my house while I am preparing for my daughter’s wedding!” Yes, anxiety is a focus problem.
Posted Dec. 21,2017 by | 13 Comments
Anxiety is fear but also control. And when we can't get control, the result is anger.
Posted Dec. 18,2017 by | 8 Comments
The Lord is looking for an eradication of any fear, doubt, worries and anxiety. He wants me to live leaning.
Posted Dec. 11,2017 by | 15 Comments
When mind off-roading in anxiety, we'll surely drop into a ditch of LAW & GUILT. If anxiety is in the ascendance, you can guarantee that His peace in me is declining.
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Anxiety is addictive, deadly and used by Satan to destroy its users. Like a soccer mom on meth, I have used adrenaline just to get my day done.
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When I’m driving the stagecoach of my life by my will there are negative effects. So how do I live a life that is expedient and profitable?
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I just experienced unexpected kindness, and I'm actually ashamed that I was so shocked. I wouldn't have missed this experience for the world.
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Troubled with this world? I just might be looking at the wrong thing. If I'm experiencing despair and discouragement, the problem might be my vision and not my circumstance.
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