Submission, But to Whom?

Submission, But to Whom

I don’t really have anything to say this morning, but I have a few quotes from Spiritual Authority by Watchman Nee that may be anointed for more than just me right now. I don’t know which issue pierces me more deeply in the Light of the Spirit today, God’s authority or my submission!

Submission, But to Whom?
“God exercises the utmost of His strength to uphold His authority. His authority is stronger than anything else. We who are so self-confident, but who are in reality so blind, have to come face-to-face at least once with God’s authority. Only when we are broken can we come into submission. Then we will begin to learn what God’s authority is. Only when a man meets God’s authority will he submit to the deputy authority whom God appoints.”

You have no idea how sobering this is to me.

“Our service to God is not a matter of voluntary sacrifice or of denial of our self. It is a matter of accomplishing God’s will. It is not a matter of picking up the cross. Rather, it is the submission to God’s will. This is the basic principle. If the principle of rebellion is present, even a sacrifice is an enjoyment and a glory to Satan. Saul could offer up sheep and oxen, but God would not recognize that as a sacrifice because the principle of Satan was present. To overturn God’s authority is to overturn God. Hence, the Bible says that rebellion is like the sin of divination, and insubordination is like idolatry and teraphim
(1 Sam. 15:23).”

Do I get this? Given how sick my stomach feels just reading this, whatever I know of this truth isn’t enough. Not nearly enough.

Submission to Whom?

Submission to Whom?
“While we live on this earth, our first question should not be whether or not we should do a certain thing. Rather, in doing a certain thing, we should ask to whom are we submitting. It is not a matter of doing or not doing. It is a matter of to whom we submit. Without submission there is no work and there is no service. When Adam took the fruit, the first question that should have been asked was whether or not this was in submission to God. All of the work of a Christian should come out of submission. Nothing is of our own initiative; everything is responsive. No act is active; everything is passive. In other words, everything should be initiated by God; nothing should be initiated by us.”

I can trace every sin, every stronghold, and every problem in my life to submitting to Satan and not God. Every single time, it’s the same thing: to whom do I submit? That’s the question burning a hole in my heart this morning.

I, Yahweh, examine the mind, I test the heart to give to each according to his way, according to what his actions deserve.
Jeremiah 17:10 HCSB

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    • Sam

      Oh my… thank you. How brilliant this is, Jennifer. And for me, WHO you listen to determines WHO you submit to.

      I remember right now the Israelites, coming out of Egypt from the desert to the limits of the Promised Land, and how they listened to their own fears and their own old “Egiptian” mind. That mind that listened NOT to God’s sweet voice of victory could NOT enter the Land.

      A different mind is required when approaching the Lord, and that’s why we are told to “be renewed in our mind”. I want to share this Martha’s writing that is piercing me right now (I had never read the “Bride is Ready” series, and I am now on 12 chapter):

      Here, I hope link works


      • Traductor

        Por cierto, estas serie de artículos titulada “La Novia está preparada” estarán disponibles en español aprox. en 15 días en la web Es una serie larga (27 capítulos), ¡¡así que es casi como un libro!!

    • Gaby

      You’ve always challenged me in many ways, and you’ve found one more!
      There is by far more content in this blog than I can put into a short comment, but only this:
      If I haven’t fully got Who He is, I will never be able to submit to any one, neither Him, nor any other authority;
      and whatever I do, If it is not according to His Will, it is not only fruitless, but might fight the Kingdom rather than build it!
      Wow! Quite something to digest!
      Thank you!!

    • Mac Dumcum

      As always, Jen, God uses you to touch the deepest point of the issue. Blessings on your obedience.

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