Storyline of Life: The Sovereign Touch

Storyline of Life: The Sovereign Touch by John Enslow

Every storyline worth telling is fraught with crisis, challenge, and victory.  We watch these scenarios in movies, read them in books, and are captivated by them through the verbal telling. We just love a good story. It’s like it’s ingrained in us to crave them. We celebrate them, and sometimes we even ask for them to be retold over and over again. Stories fascinate and captivate us, making us hungry for more. The long and short of it is that we just enjoy good stories!

A Condensed Storyline

A Condensed Storyline Sovereign Touch
The magic behind this is that most stories are told quickly. In a movie the narrative is captured within the span of around 2 hours and a book can usually be consumed within a week. This is opposed to living out our story, which can take years or even a lifetime. Our stories and lives in reality include many monotonous moments, broken by brief flashes of wonder. But that is not how stories are told. Most stories are told as a collection of exciting sound bites all pressed together like a canned ham. The anticipation of waiting and having to grow personally is eliminated. Stories are merely a snapshot of reality and not reality itself.

Today I want to talk about our individual stories. In my new book, The Sovereign Touch, I share how each of us can enjoy the celebration of our own story NOW. Whether we’re at the beginning of a challenge or coming through to the other side, I share how we can live rejoicing rather than enduring. Not that this will eliminate our pain in the situation but we’re given purpose in the seasons. Literally we can enter into a victory which is found only in sovereignty.

The Sovereign Touch: A Life Lived

The Sovereign Touch by John Enslow
Life is meant to be experienced but it is best viewed from a distance. The Sovereign Touch invites you on a journey with God to regard life with a bird’s eye view. I guess it’s more appropriately stated as a “heavenly view,” but you get the point. The work of accepting the hand of Providence takes major trust. It’s not an easy work, but one we’re all compelled to undertake. The alternative is to end our days in bitter disappointment. Only when I view my life from the heavens can I truly become a heavenly man. The bird’s eye view is more than just perspective; this is the heavenly position that enables us to receive the revelatory gift of life’s purpose from our sovereign God.

Here is the reality: The greatest, most lasting revelations of God come out of the hardest crises in man. The Sovereign Touch reveals just why we should trust God with these crises and hardships. Pain is not meaningless; it has the potential for an outstanding outcome—the revealing of Christ and His divine purposes.

Sovereign Touch

I invite you to get a copy of The Sovereign Touch and set off on this adventure. I believe with all my heart that the Lord wishes to reveal to you the treasure sealed away in your life events. Not just in the happy, fruitful blessings we have been given but those situations and circumstances that have left us wounded and circling the drain. The Sovereign Touch points the way to unlocking your destiny and the Spirit holds the key.

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    • tammy

      When I consider my Bible, at times, I am compelled to caress its pages and literally hold it close to my heart. There is a comfort that comes from knowing that between the covers are the Words of my Beloved, Lord, Father, Savior, King and Sovereign Creator.

      I’m not equating “The Sovereign Touch” with God’s Holy Word but it’s interesting to me…when I read your book John, it brought me a similar comfort. And here, as I read your brief synopsis and blog, I experience the same.

      How blessed we are that He affirms His Love and Truth in the most unexpected and amazing places.

      May God continually bless you as you have blessed – through your listening to Him and sharing what you’ve heard.

      • Tammy, you are always such a huge source of encouragement and love. You are truly a sister in ever respect. You know this book was birthed into my life as the Father revealed Himself. I can honestly say, He wrote it. It may have been in me but I am not capable of this. This makes it a treasure to my heart and Life!

        And to let you in on a little secret. I have turn into Jennifer my next book The Great Exchange. She says it is EPIC. Oh I can’t wait to get it into your hands. You are gonna have such an, “Ah Home!” feeling about it.

        Kisses, hugs, squnches, and love!

    • Pauline

      John, would this be considered a book for “Christians” only? From what I’m hearing, it would be perfect [not only for me, but] for my younger sister. She recently was diagnosed with lung cancer that is very aggressive and has gone into her bones. She’s had 3 chemo sessions so far and each have had worsening side effects.

      My sister is not saved and has the view: “We all have our own way to God.” This horrendous disease also affects her, in that, she and her husband are caring for my 90 year old mother. She retired early so she could give Mom quality care.

      Would this be appropriate for her, John?

      I seldom take the time to thank you, John, but you and Martha have been a blessing in my life; appreciate so much the Truth and your faith in God’s sovereignty that you share. Praying for God’s continued mercy and blessing on you and in your ministry to Him and to us!

    • Helen

      You’ve brought Sovereignty to our real lives & told the paths to bring us to discovery. Our stories bring Capacity of heart that could come no other way. Our heart is the most private part of our being, & yet God pours everything through. So all the more do we treasure this profound book…your heart & His, in it. We live RECEIVING. If we but knew it, surrender isn’t so much a ‘giving up’, as it is receiving. We were created to be deeply Loved…& so to love. THAT LOVE, is in our story. The baffling Answer of His Sovereign Touch attests to all that is True of Who HE IS, becoming true in us, to us, that God is God. HE fills the eyes of our view. To cherish our own story, will make us “a friend of the Bridegroom” as He writes on the hearts of others. “Every seat of power, realm of government, principality, & authority–it all exists through him & for his purpose! He existed before anything was made, & now everything finds completion in him.” (Col.1:16b-17 TPT) God be praised!

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