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slipping away

This evening we’ll be in Atlanta kicking off the Shulamite Ministries conference, “The Triumph of the Lamb: Christ Enthroned as We’ve Never Seen Him!” We’re stepping away from the blog until the end of next week to focus on the conference and all that comes after.

triumph of the Lamb
Some of you will be with us in Atlanta, but for those of you unable to attend, you can still get a copy of the recordings of “The Triumph of the Lamb,” which is now available for pre-order. With editing and production, the audio series usually ships two weeks after the conference. If you order yours before that time, you’ll receive the discounted price. And a conference all about the Lamb of God isn’t a message you want to miss!

We’ll be back next week to tell you all about it. Until then, love and blessings from all of us at Shulamite Ministries!

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    • Irene

      I purpose to pray for all of you this weekend who will be leading and attending the conference. God Is Faithful.

    • Sam

      Yes, you are all in our hearts.

    • Pauline

      Love, prayers and warfare!

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