Spring Blaze: On Fire for the Will of God

Spring Blaze: On Fire for the Will of God

I have been watching the winter trees of our mountains. They are all black skeletons against a blue sky, but I know mysterious life is moving inside them, powerful happenings, unseen. It’s really rather amazing that they will soon sprout and in weeks will paint the mountains all shades of green.

It’s spring in Georgia and it’s spring in my spirit after a long winter. For me also, there was Life at work all along. Now I am being awakened by the Spirit to a new desire for desire. I want to want what the Lord wants. And I believe He gave me a desire for new fire, fresh hope, and energy.

The match has struck a flame. It happened when I saw Carole’s copy of a book by Andrew Murray. On her coffee table, under another book, was God’s Will, Our Dwelling Place. It was almost buried, just peeking out, but Light was on it. So I looked for my copy, a newer printing but the same book I had read and loved (now titled Thy Will Be Done).

I should never think I have ‘already read’ a book by Murray. I should never let several years go by between reading his works. This one on God’s will I should read every year! His revelation, his anointed words are so rich and hopeful, so deep and simple – I will never ‘master’ a one of his messages.

As if I was reading it for the first time, the book was a divine fire that sparked a flame in my heart.

The Will of God Holds Enormous Blessings

The Will of God Holds Enormous Blessings
Funny how God comes at you from within and without, around and about, to guide you into His treasure. One recent day, I was driving for a couple of hours and I kept thinking about the enormous blessings that are poured on those who will live for His will. As I began to think of all my blessings, I was overwhelmed with God’s outpouring to the smallest detail. And I cried out, “If only people knew the glorious benefits of being in the center of Your precious will.”

The will of God has been my song for a long time, but Murray, oh Murray! He reduced me to tears of repentance. I took communion more than once…

Along the way of reading, I had a ‘random thought.’ Ha! Or so I imagined! I have never looked into the Greek meaning of that word: will. “Thy Will be done.” I considered that I knew: His will is His law and His command, and it is rigid.

I went to Strong’s #2307 and the definition was shocking. The Holy Spirit blew His Wind on my little flame and a fire blazed in my heart! May it ever burn…

We humans share a primal suspicion that God’s will is the worst of all possibilities. We pray for the will of God with dread, or as a dear friend wrote:

“We lie to ourselves. We convince ourselves God just hasn’t spoken, because He hasn’t spoken what we are waiting to hear! When we are not surrendered and rightly related, we think we KNOW, and we just want God to consent to our decision. That is NOT prayer. That is NOT seeking His will. That is looking for a rubber stamp. That is I AM GOD, now do what I want.”

What the Will of God Tells Us About Him

What the Will of God Tells Us About Him
The will of God is so lovely, so divine. Inside the center of His intention and under the heart of His desire is an open heaven, pouring blessings that overwhelm!

Ephesians 1:7-8 NLT
He is so rich in kindness and grace that He purchased our freedom with the blood of His Son and forgave our sins. He has showered His kindness on us, along with all wisdom and understanding.

Take a gaze at what the word “WILL” in the Greek tells us about our God!

“Will, not to be conceived as a demand, but as an expression or inclination of pleasure towards that which is liked, that which pleases and creates joy.

When it denotes God’s will, it signifies His gracious disposition toward something. Used to designate what God Himself does of His own good pleasure.”

An Offer, Not a Law: The Will of God

An Offer, Not a Law: The Will of God
God’s will is an offer, not a law. You and I are free to refuse. He gives that freedom freely. Yet He is filled with His own good pleasure, in His secret plan for our delight and fulfillment. His desire/will is His great joy and pleasure FOR US, not to diminish but to increase us. Not to restrict but to liberate. God’s “WILL” expresses His great joy over us and His exuberant delight, when He can bless outlandishly. His will is intended to ‘please us and create joy!’

And as if that were not enough, He will Himself fulfill and perform His own will within our clay vessel. All He needs is true consent.

And faith in His goodness would help, too!

I have inherited Your testimonies forever, for they are the joy of my heart. I have inclined my heart to perform Your statutes Forever, even to the end.
Psalm 119:111 NASB

His decrees, testimonies, and statutes are HIS WILL!

I’m ready to incline my heart to the joy of loving the will of God. How about you? After all, He sent His Son Who “came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). Jesus carries the same intention as His Father: our outlandish good!

Oh, I think I’ll go look up the Greek for abundantly!

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    • sue

      How about me? Oh Martha, this fire has spread to me, HOW could I not love his will……HE is my inheritance and with it all that speaks of who HE is. This precious promise that you keep reminding us, “And as if that were not enough, He will Himself fulfill and perform His own will within our clay vessel. All He needs is true consent.”
      I’m ready and needy to incline my heart to the joy of loving the will of God.!!!!!
      THANK YOU Bless her DEAR LORD

    • andrea


    • Paul

      Oh my, what a FEAST! My cup overflows!

    • jp

      WOW(Amen)!!!…my heart SO needed this encouragement!!!
      Thank you Father for your gracious disposition towards us and let your Fire spread in all of our hearts Father!!!

    • Wanda

      God bless you, dear Martha. I could feel your new vibrancy and vitality as I read this post. I want this too. Much Love. Wanda

    • Pauline

      Bless God for the excitement of this flame He has given you, Martha, and your response of joy and eagerness for this desire! It puzzles me how subtly, over time, our passion can get so easily diffused . . . I wonder why that is? (No reference to you, Martha; just a personal note.)

      I will add my ‘Amen’ to this post, most gladly, but it was not always so. I did see His Will as a Law and struggled with this: I had [have] a loving Father Who said He rejoiced over me with singing but His commands to me mostly seemed negative: “die…,” “a slave…,” “deny…,” “surrender…,” “decrease,” “hate your life,” etc.

      So, how was it that, in one breath He says that He came to give me abundant life then practically in another breath: only if I pretty much disappeared? (My human thinking; LIFE, to Him, was galaxies apart from my definition of life, at that time.)

      So I fought with Him on this, rather than ask for His Wisdom, but He did have the last word. That was the first time that a particular verse became more than a nice thought or even a spiritual truth . . . He was getting personal with me; I was dreading the hammer: “No argument. You ARE somewhat invisible: ‘your life is *hidden* (my emphasis) with Christ in Me [God].'”
      (Kind of shocks me, when I think back, that He even caused me to hear Him in the state that I was in.)

      What an exalted position for a ‘dead’ person! He gave me [His] beauty for [my] ashes and yes, He does sing — over His Son . . . I just happen to be there, too.

      This verse in Colossians became one of my life verses and the beginning of a journey (to this day) to know Him and discover, with His revelation, who I really am — IN CHRIST.

      What better expression of His great joy and delight than making it possible for us to have such a blessed union of being ‘hidden with Christ in God?!’

      Thank you, Martha! Much love to you and all in His Shulamite family.

    • Lt

      Yes! O yes and amen to this, to Him ! Bless you!

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