Spontaneous Thanks

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Look carefully how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. 

…be filled with the Spirit… 

…giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ…
Ephesians 5:15-16, 18b, 20 ESV

Thanks in THIS DAY, for THIS DAY

Thanks in THIS DAY, for THIS DAY
To live in this day, this wondrous moment becomes pure and exuberant gratitude. All is rendered JOY, all things and common activities are wonders to be savored. The outcome of time-wisdom is the fullness of the Spirit in gratitude for all! The smallest things, the everyday happenings, are experiences full of thanksgiving.

“This is my only meal. How exquisite it is!” Not likely my LAST meal, but my ONLY meal in my ONLY day.

It is not morbid.
It is reality.
It is not morose.
It is fantastic.

Today I walk. For now, I speak to my loved ones. Today I am here. Today I live today.

Thankful Measures

Thankful Measures
When we measure our life by days and not by decades or sections, not by jobs or seasons, there is a sense of wonder that comes quietly in and receives from God’s hand with a thankfulness such as can never come when we live the past-again and the never-future.

In the midst of suffering, the Father says, “It is only this day.” And I know I can bear this day by His presence in it. I cannot endure tomorrow – nor project it onto this day.

This is true Thanksgiving to the Creator and Provider: to live each day of all the days He gives. This day is fascination with the adventure of knowing Him and He is known only…day by day.

All His days, whether free or bound, suffering or flying…all His days are gifts of life and the chance to know Him. Above all, now we can experience the exuberant thanksgiving of the only Human who has ever had a perfect and eternally grateful heart toward God.

Jesus Christ lives in me, in you…to give unending appreciation to our Heavenly Father whose “name is hallowed!” And who is to be enjoyed forever!

Happy ThanksGiving!

Copyright © 2006 Martha Kilpatrick

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    • sue

      My spontaneous response to this beautiful writing: THANKS to my Father for no longer being HIS enemy: thanks for coming after me.

    • Irene

      Yes, yes, yes! This moment is the place of God. I give Him thanks for you Martha, for John, Jennifer, Carole, and Aaron. Your ministry to me through The Spirit is always encouraging and I am so grateful to Him and to you. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Lynn

      Thank You

    • Susan

      Yes, bless you Martha & all the Shulamite family for being a sanctified vessel thru whom Fathers life and eternal blessings flow. We have learned much over the years.

    • Annalie du Toit


    • Ricardo Palmira. S.

      Aleluya…Si… Amén.

    • Pauline

      I thank my God for each of you at Shulamite Ministries!
      And I give thanks to God, with gratitude, for lessons learned in how to trust in Him.
      Yes, Martha, the day is beautiful when there is a continual sense of thanksgiving.
      I often think of those in third world countries: believers who have counted the cost as they put feet to their faith, even as they are persecuted; orphans with no hope, no hugs; widows who, in particular cultures, are blamed for their husband’s death and therefore shunned; missionaries who have laid down their life to tell others the story of Jesus; the Christian father who wraps his five children at bedtime in the one blanket he owns; those imprisoned for their faith who have no food unless someone from their family brings it to them, etc.
      I am so blessed; rich in ‘things’ that are taken for granted; blessed beyond what I deserve; secure in Christ and loved — it doesn’t seem fair, but He is still good and will never abandon His children who seek Him.

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