Spiritual Game of Telephone

Spiritual Game of Telephone

I witnessed a Kingdom reality and I want to share it with you. There is a dynamic which happens in Body life (true Church) that is an amazing miracle: The message of the Spirit moves through His children like a heavenly game of telephone. The message passes through each listener, but instead of diminishing and distorting as with this childhood game, it increases and multiplies.

Game of Telephone

Game of Telephone
In the traditional game of telephone, one person will whisper something to another and then they repeat what they heard to yet another, and so on and so on. As the message passes through each player, it morphs into something quite different from the original message.

For example, the phrase “Get it in the back of the cafeteria for ten dollars” may become “Get kitten bacteria for toddlers.” The final message is usually nonsense and isn’t even remotely like the original. It proves that we usually don’t hear what is actually said. Frightening reality, huh?

I witness the opposite result when it is a word of the Holy Spirit moving through the Body. The Spirit multiplies His message with Himself as His words pass through His hearers. What does this redounding look like? The Spirit gives a message to one, and as they relay His words to another, He develops the communication in that hearer and through their life.

Listening to the Holy Spirit

Watching the Spirit Move
What does this mean? As we listen to Spirit-filled messages they become our own as the Spirit nurtures them through us. This is awe inspiring! The same message has individual impact and unique influence for each hearer.

In an recent podcast, this very reality is on display. A message that started with Julia, Martha’s daughter, passed through and evolved in Martha, Joan, me and then those at the recording and I am sure those who will listen to the podcast. The Spirit’s message ripples through those who listen to Him in the messages that come. Again, AMAZING!

Watching the Spirit Move

The Spirit's Message 

I have even observed this when I am reading Martha’s books, booklets, and devotionals. She communicates a message and the Spirit will hijack the message and craft it perfectly for me. It expands to include my own unique circumstance and situation. It becomes as direct as if it was spoken specifically to me—”Dear John, (insert His message to me here) Love, God.” I love this reality.

And not only am I the one who is blessed, but the person God uses to speak the message will receive a blessing for being His spokesman. So not only does the blessing flow down to the listener, but it also flows back up to the speaker, expanding and increasing both. This is what it is to live in Body life. It’s the multiplication and increase of His very Life and loving message. I pray never to be without this reality in and around me; it is miraculous.

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    • tammy

      Yes John, I so whole heartedly agree with you. It is one of His greatest blessings to me. To be in the deepest of thought with my Lord and Savior and then to “tune-in” and hear or read that others are there with me keeps me in constant awe of Him. I am never alone.

      • Thank you Tammy. Grateful this hit the spot. We are never alone, but connected in Him. Such a divine reality!

    • Tony Marotta

      What originates/birthed of His Spirit in one vessel keeps giving LIFE as it is poured to others……proving it originated and is of HIM! We are the conduits…what a privilege!
      Romans 11:36
      For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.

      • That is the Truth Tony! Thank you for bringing that scripture in! Love you!

    • Wanda

      Reminds me of an old hymn. Channels Only” Chorus
      “Channels only, blessed Master, But with all Thy wondrous power
      Flowing through us, Thou canst use us, Every day and every hour.”

      • That is beautiful Wanda! Love you muches!

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