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A Deadly Pandemic Part 3

What is Spiritual Entitlement?

spiritual entitlementWe all form responses to life in our inward heart.  As we remain vulnerable to God, He is able to resolve life issues and bring us through each situation.  But that is not the well-worn path of humanity. More often we take matters into our own hands, blame others and make people pay for our situations; this is entitlement.

When I insist that another satisfies a debt owed to me, whether they were involved or not, this is entitlement.  And when everything must bow to my will and yield to my approval, this is spiritual entitlement!

No matter how correct we feel in righting wrongs done to us, our extractions are not justified. They’re simply festering wounds remaining open and susceptible to Satan’s aggravation. He knows just how to inflame us and to tempt us to retaliate.

Tangled Web

spirit of entitlementWhen we’re denied what we believe is rightly ours, we mope, pout, curse, scream, inflict pain, punish, rail and pitch fits. Spiritual entitlement is not simply about unfulfilled wants. It is great misery rooted in our emotions and heart’s desire. Spiritual entitlement is festering resistance to God and a siding with Satan against Him. It produces a love child named Bitterness. Where gratitude leads to union with God, entitlement is union with SATAN, producing bitter rage.  At the end of the day it says, “God is not good.”

The enemy will help us most effectively to establish our case and charge against God.  We’ll be judge and jury holding continual court in our heads. The verdict returned will always be, “God is guilty of neglect and damages are due to ME, the plaintiff.”

Blasphemous Conversation with God

entitled“You owe me God, I am ENTITLED!”

Entitlement is a long talk with God. The conversation instructs Him about what He should’ve done and what He must do NOW to please ME.  Spiritual entitlement claims from Him what we imagine is our rightful possession.

  • Do you want to put a stop to infectious spread?
  • Do you want relationships free from your toxicity?
  • Do you now want clear fellowship with God?

Hurting individuals can honestly look into their hearts and deal genuinely with their wounds.  This series is an invitation to lay down our suspicious minds about God and to trust Him to Father us. He’ll walk us through the healing of our wounds and into a different reality.

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    • Irene

      “Where gratitude leads to union with God, entitlement is union with SATAN, producing bitter rage. “. Your words are precise and powerful John. Romans 1:21-23 outlines the path to depravity and I find it of great interest that the 2nd step is: not giving thanks to God. Having a heart of gratitude dispels the entitlement mentality. I am amazed at the lack of “thank-yous”, both spoken and written, that exists even within the Church. Lord Jesus, give me a grateful heart today.

      • pearl

        Amen Irene, just read your post again…I am giving thanks for His love and care and Sovreignty over my life…and His goodness…bless you

      • Susan

        Yes Irene

    • pearl

      Ok So then today and yesterday and this week I bring all my broken almost beyond belief life and throw all the stinking, rotting, messy pieces at His feet, I can’t fix it now, its done, so I ask God our Father to fix it…I haven’t done too great a job!! I say thank you God ahead of time for taking my broken, rebellious, and stinking life and making something beautiful thru and in it….there is hope even now for I’ve given Him control!!! For I know HE IS GOOD….very, very, very good and longsuffering with me…Amen!!

    • Andrea

      And He said to all, If any person wills to come after Me, let him deny himself [disown himself, forget, lose sight of himself and his own interests, refuse and give up himself] and take up his cross daily and follow Me [cleave steadfastly to Me, conform wholly to My example in living and, if need be, in dying also]. (Luke 9:23 AMP) ….
      seems pretty clear ….

    • Wanda

      Thank you, John. Thank you , Pearl, for expressing in words what I have been unable to. Thank You, Jesus

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