Sovereignty is Grace

Sovereignty is Grace

Sovereignty stands as an undeniable fact of God’s Lordship and control over our world and its happenings. The fact that He is in control can be debated, and is, but at the end of all our arguments He is still God over ALL. We can’t escape God’s supreme rule and Lordship. At first glance this irrefutable wall can be daunting. But there is a softer side to sovereignty that many fail to experience. Sovereignty gives us the grace of acceptance.

The Grace of God in Sovereignty

The Grace of God in Sovereignty
Today I want to show how God’s sovereignty can be a tremendous source of comfort and solace. God’s sovereign touch gives us the grace to be able to face and accept our faults and sins, especially how they have hurt others.

When facing the terrible repercussions of our sins on friends and family, we could drown in a pool of despair. How can we ever repay such a sum? But for the truly repentant man, sovereignty becomes a balm of healing. God’s sovereign touch comes in to heal and relieve me of the overwhelming burden. What would be too much for me to face alone, the blood of Christ and His sovereign plan is the best news ever.

God’s Grace not Excuse

God's Grace not Excuse
Now I am not saying that we are entitled to a “Get out of jail free” card. I don’t get to abuse others and then say, “What’s wrong with you? It was God’s sovereign plan.” That’s gross! I am speaking of a deep work of grace offered to the one who has sunk deep below the waves of repentance. Sovereignty doesn’t absolve me of guilt or responsibility. I will answer for every idle word and wicked deed. The consequence of my sins will still come upon me, for what I reap I will sow. But beyond the work of repentance, recompense, and forgiveness, there is the healing of sovereignty.

God transcends the evil we all do. He does this because He is sovereign and our God. The sins of the parent done to the child will become God’s sovereign work in the life of the child. We all have to bow to His Lordship. The sinner and the sinned upon will each alike have to deal with the God who is sovereign.

Healing and Grace of Sovereignty

Healing and Grace of Sovereignty
The healing comes when we know God is God and He will transcend our sins. The balm is that though I am accountable to God, His sovereign hand offers me grace to be able to face another day. Sovereignty is the satisfaction of resting in His omnipotent plan, knowing that the blood of Jesus cleanses. His sovereignty tells me that He knows the plans He has for us, so now I can make another step forward. Our God is God!

I thank Him for this grace! I praise Him for His sovereign touch. And I am so grateful to know that nothing I have done in my life is beyond my sovereign God’s reach. He will come for those I have wounded as He has come for me. I love His sovereign touch.

As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.
Genesis 50:20

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    • Molly

      Dear John,
      Bless God! I am really in sorrow this morning over my failure as a mother. Over how deeply I sinned against God and my children. Your words lift me up from the hopeless mire. Thank you.

      • Molly, I am so pleased this post has touched you. It sounds like it was God’s divine appt. So grateful to Him for it!

    • Margo Lewis

      What blessed comfort and truth in this post! And how precious is the Blood! The enormity of the sacrifice that was made on the cross overwhelms my heart and mind. He covered a wretched sinner like me with the most perfect, beautiful Blood. The priceless Blood that makes everything it touches clean for God’s use – even me and my sins. What a breathtaking Love to have in my life!

      • This news is perfect joy! I am so grateful to Him for His amazing provisions. I love Him for it. Thank you for commenting Margo. Pleased it ministered to you. Bless you!

    • Ulrike

      Hi, John, what remains in me after reading your post, is the simple word “touch”. Interesting, because only today, I was meditating on Jesus’ many miracles resulting from His touch- Mt, 8,3 and chapter 9 several times.
      How we need His touch for our comfort and healing!
      Without human touch no baby could survive, so how could we live without His nearnesss and touch? At least for me, I’m weak and small enough again, to cry out to Him for this (after years of religious “only faith without feeling” ideas).
      Thank you, love from Jesus’ own heart to you, Ulrike

      • I prayed long and hard for what God wanted to name my new book on sovereignty. What I heard Him say was The Sovereign Touch. I thought how perfect! Then today you come with an affirming confirmation. Thank you! Touch is perfect! Love to you as well!

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