The Sovereign Touch

The Sovereign Touch

The Sovereign Touch from a Sovereign God

Is God sovereign over this world?

Is He sovereign over the evil I see daily?

Does His sovereignty include being over elections, governments, and leaders?

What about disasters and devastation?

Does His sovereignty actually include things beyond the church?

Does God’s sovereign hand work things together for Him or for me?

Doesn’t sovereignty just mean control?

What about illness, is God sovereign over my health?

How about abuse and suffering?

Is God sovereign over my deepest pain?

Is God sovereign over deep darkness?

Is it true that Jesus is actually involved in all of my life, even in my painful places? And if so, then where was He when __________?! (You fill in the blank.)

All of these are questions of and about God’s sovereignty. These are the kinds of questions we have all had – or perhaps still have. It is normal and natural and part of the process of accepting Jesus’ lordship in our lives. Without the wrestling, I don’t believe there is a true yielding. To yield our will, we have to grapple with it and face its natural rebellion. And while embracing a sovereign God costs us everything, only by doing so are we ushered into the true victory of Christ’s Life.

The Sovereign Touch a Sovereign Reality

The Sovereign Touch a Sovereign RealitySovereignty is a reality that few wish to tackle because the ramification of it in our lives is enormous. This isn’t just another Christian doctrine we can pick up and flash, like a merit badge; embracing sovereignty is embracing true Lordship. And once I bow to Jesus as Lord, He’s revealed to be Lord over the entirety of my life, and not just from that moment. Why else would countless people resist it? Deep down in our core we know that if God is truly sovereign, then we have to face the truth that things happened to us that hurt us and He didn’t stop it. Sovereignty goes beyond ending my rule over life; it accepts and makes peace with God’s rule over my ALL—my blessings and my failures, my joy and my suffering.

Our God is involved. If you want a God who is non-invasive, you’ve come to the wrong place. He is completely involved even when I don’t agree or understand. The fact is that God is never going to satisfy my demand that He give an account of Himself. I must come to a sovereign God bowing, surrendering, and yielding to Him, His ways, and His choices. If I’m demanding a satisfactory answer to the whys of my pain and abuse, I’ll be sorely disappointed. God doesn’t owe me an explanation for my pain. But if I bow to His sovereign touch, He just might reveal to me His divine purpose and plan.

The Sovereign Touch

The LORD works out everything to its proper end—even the wicked for a day of disaster.
Proverbs 16:4

For in Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through Him and for Him.
Colossians 1:16

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    • Sandy

      His sovereignty is my blessing…
      Having learned to accept it in this way has resulted in a humble heart and completely changed my life! The way I look at people and interact with them is different, even my level of repentance…
      He is forever worthy!!!

      • Sovereignty is a complete game changer, isn’t it?! I have been radically changed by it as well. Love you Sandy! Thank you for receiving His blessing of sovereignty.

    • Anna

      Thank you, dear Jesus, for using John to reveal the Truth! Thank you, John, for hearing Him! I can’t wait for the book!

      • Thank you Anna! We are in the final stages of preparing it for Kindle release and for print. We are having it proofed right now, I hope to have it available real soon. One of the questions we have now is whether the Lord wants us to submit the manuscript to another publisher or allow Shulamite Publishing to release it. Waiting for His answer. If you or anyone gets anything about that, please let us know. Love you Anna!

    • Richard Waters

      Jesus modeled how mankind was and is meant to walk with Father. Every choice we make is within the confines of God’s sovereignty. The choices are ours to make and the results we learn from.

    • Keith

      Just finished reading this book. It felt like I was sitting in a coffee shop and hearing John share deeply about his relationship with God. It was a great combination of testimonies and devotional insights. I relate to so much of what he shared and also learned some new insights – especially the thought of God using the attacks of the enemy for our good and His glory. That is Sovereign. Amazing!

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