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There is no mystery of God in man’s pontificating. Regardless of how much a man knows, or how smart he thinks he is, it’s nothing in comparison to the wisdom of God.  What is genius, amazing, and grand is simple human clay speaking forth the wisdom of the Most High. Imagine a simple facsimile of the Authentic, given place to speak thoughts from the Divine. THAT is simply amazing!

There is no wonder in the fact that I can figure something out, parrot a concept, attain an aspect of a truth. What is outstanding is that I would literally speak the thoughts and intents of the Living God. This is the miracle and it’s astoundingly marvelous.

I know a man who takes great satisfaction in his attained head knowledge and mastery of facts. He prides himself on his grand knowledge and understanding. But though he may have amassed a great amount of facts and figures, this is no more valuable than being able to win at Trivial Pursuit. I pray for him because this is an empty, pitiable state.  Knowledge puffs up and satiates the mind and soul!

Let me tell on myself here. In the CD series, The Spirit and the Wind, there’s a message entitled “The Mind of the Spirit.” A friend of mine gave me this on cassette shortly after I was introduced to Martha’s teachings. I listened to this teaching some 20 to 25 times, because after I finished, I would say to myself, “What?” I literally couldn’t retain the truths presented.  It frustrated me so much.  So after listening to this message over and over, I finally said to God, “Hey, what is the problem here?!” Very directly and pointedly He said, “You don’t have the mind of the Spirit, ask for it!” I stopped everything and prayed earnestly, “Lord, please give me the mind of the Spirit.” Then I felt I was to put the tape back in and listen.  Wow, what I heard! I actually retained the message and could apply it in prayer.  Where at first it was gone as soon as the tape ended, now it was actually imparted to me, and has impacted my life ever since.  His words met my receptivity, and His Spirit anointed it with Life.

The wisdom of God is so much higher than mere facts because it has the ability to bring forth the life of His Son. Accumulating mere facts is so temporal, but to give entrance to the King of Glory with His wisdom, mind, and heart—this is miraculous.

In my recent post “Agnus Dei,” I discussed the fact that where God’s intent rests, His power dwells. If God chooses to anoint something for His purpose, that’s where He brings forth His Life. But to experience this, you have to surrender your mind in order to hear Him. When your mind is bowed, you open it to the world of His Wisdom. He can ignite one truth among our plethora of accumulated facts and launch us into the realm of True Knowledge. It’s the adventure of getting to know Him. It’s where He describes and reveals His very thoughts and mind within a drop of information. I can run about all day with a bit of data and go nowhere, but when HE blows Life into it—POW!

Oh Lord Jesus, it makes me want to cast away all my gathered knowledge and sit at His feet for True Wisdom. If you have been reading this blog for long, you know that what I call True Wisdom is HIM.  Facts are fiction without the Creator of Reality!

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    • Sam

      “Facts are fiction without the Creator of Reality!”


    • Sandy

      Indeed, He IS everything!!

    • Irene

      “Lord, please give me the mind of the Spirit.” Let my mouth “speak forth the thoughts and intents of The Living God”. John, after reading this post, I am laid bare and splayed open before Him.

    • Josh

      Awesome John. This reminds me of the parable of the seeds in Matthew 13. The seed or truth could not be received (there’s that word again) unless it fell on fertile soil, the mind of the spirit.

      Eph 4:21-24
      “if indeed you have heard Him and have been taught by Him, as the truth is in Jesus: that you put off, concerning your former conduct, the old man which grows corrupt according to the deceitful lusts, and be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and that you put on the new man which was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness.

      • Sam

        Curious enough, the “fertile soil” is (first) a “soil of death.” As it says “unless the seed falls to the ground and die…”

        Thank you Josh.

    • Pauline

      “It’s the adventure of getting to know Him.” True, John, there’s nothing like it! The challenge for me has continually been: being quiet enough to hear Him (though He can speak anywhere, anytime) — without ‘worship’ music, my ‘list’ to pray, books, etc. Just enjoying that He’s with me; if He speaks, fine; if He doesn’t, fine… and sometimes, when I’m not expecting anything of Him – BAM! there’s a glimpse, or a chastening word; a sin or a revelation. Adventure it is. Thanks, John.

      • Sam


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    • Helen

      A ‘fragment’, given…held before HIM. Jesus said…”You give them something to eat.” Astonishing! A great heap of the unimportant acting important, can bury the fragrant fragment meant to be broken open in Love. We don’t know what’s inside till thanks is given, the bread is broken, & HE is the Life. The hungry will not choke themselves on facts, stifling Life. Hunger is for the Bread of Life. Our spirit knows when we’ve been fed emptiness. Facts piled up cannot ‘complete’ anything. The only complete is IN Christ; everything says so. Wisdom is a Person Who wants us to know His thoughts & Heart intimately. Grace trains us, in love & Wisdom. All He gives is in light of Who HE IS. The glimmer of hidden things, the small beginning, the fragment…have i held all before the Lord in surrendered dependence? or taken it to my own hand…too often, I’ve done just that. I cast away that piled on ‘heap’, to sit at His feet for True Wisdom. VOICE, & dust, & Breath… Oh “Creator of Reality”, i bow.

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