The Shocking Power of the Blood of Christ

The Shocking Power of the Blood of Christ

By His boundless mercy we have been born again to an ever-living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, [Born anew] into an inheritance which is beyond the reach of change and decay [imperishable], unsullied and unfading, reserved in heaven for you…
1 Peter 1:3, 4 AMPC

We are not forever condemned to the generational curses that we inherit when we’re born. The Blood of Jesus Christ is our pardon for death and destruction – including curses – that our unredeemed humanity cannot escape. And when we step into the divine inheritance and move from hating God to loving Him, the power of the curses we both inherited and earned on our own is broken, for us and for our children. The bloodline that we were born into no longer holds sway once we are born again into a new “inheritance.”

The Blood of Christ Transcends Time

The Blood of Christ Transcends Time
My posts this week have been heavy and a little uncomfortable, but that’s unavoidable when hatred of God is on the table. That there are very real consequences for rejecting Jesus and hating God is the truth whether we acknowledge it or not. But the Blood is not just a “Get Into Heaven” card; it is redemptive in every way.

It’s a mistake to view God through a punitive and suspicious lens because it blinds us to just how complete and miraculous His Love and Mercy are to us. Loving God doesn’t just redeem us, it turns generations of curses into blessings for our children, their children, and their children’s children for a thousand generations. How can we even take that in?!

Imagine the prodigal son returning home in utter disgrace, confessing his sins against God and his father, and then asking his father to take him on as the lowest servant. Now imagine if instead of embracing his son and honoring him in every possible way, the father said instead, “I’m so glad you’ve seen how wrong you were and how much you messed up. I will absolutely take you back as the least of my servants. You can live in the barn and I’ll make sure that you don’t starve. See, you were too wicked for me to allow you to escape the consequences of your actions, but how about this? When you die, I’m going to acknowledge you as my son again and you’ll have a burial fit for a king. No expense spared!” That would be a very different parable about a very different God, but that’s how this life would look if the only thing that the Blood of Christ did was guarantee a spot in heaven.

The Blood moves miraculously back in time when we are born again. The flow of healing and blessing takes place in ways we can’t see through the Blood of Jesus, but it is just as real as the flow of curses in our natural, God-hating bloodline. God’s mercy and love is so complete that we can barely comprehend it—even when the truth is staring us in the face. Hating God earns a curse to the fourth generation, while loving God is rewarded with blessing to the thousandth generation. Is that the mark of a cold, punishing God?

Reconciled by the Blood of Christ

Reconciled by the Blood of Christ
Even the generational curse is motivated by love and mercy. God does not allow suffering because He’s amused by it or just that hard; that would be gross. No, even the weight of the curse is intended to bring reconciliation between the lost sheep and the Good Shepherd. That’s my story. I thought at first that I was broken beneath the weight of my own sin and wickedness, but I know now that that wasn’t the only burden I struggled under – and it was all perfect. I couldn’t bear the load and I broke and was saved. Perfect mercy and perfect love.

In our new inheritance, we have the mind of Christ and the Spirit’s own wisdom, so we are no longer subject to a degraded natural mind. Also, the Blood of Christ Himself flows through us, grafting us into the family of God, so the story of our human ancestors no longer defines our place in this world. We are the prodigals welcomed home by a Father Whose forgiveness is total and Whose embrace is warmer and more loving than we ever imagined possible.

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    • tammy

      Unfathomable truths of mercy and love…
      Bless you Jennifer for sharing them in such a way that only “the peace…which surpasses all understanding” is what remains.

    • Sam

      The blood of Jesus is much more than a man suffering a painful and shameful death: many people died on a Roman cross suffering the same death as Jesus. Many die today suffering a lot.

      The blood of Yashua-The-King is God’s own love: personal and close intimate to me. He did for me, just for me, out of His own accord of love and care. That awful unjust death was to rescue me out of darkness. The power behind reaches for a million more, but it is me who receives it for me. That death more than 2000 years ago becomes personal, not general.

      It is a personal death of personal consequences. A specific Person, a Person Who searches me, loved me enough to sacrifice His all… for me.

      “Me” and “Jesus” are thus united in a very special bond…. of blood. Sealed together by it.

      • Sam

        So the blood unites by reuniting what was apart and separated. The blood concentrates and focuses what was scattered. It multiplies what once was sparse.

        Now it is Jesus and “those around Him”.

    • LA

      ‘My posts this week have been a little heavy…’
      Oh no, these are not heavy because these words lift our burdens, offer us life and hope!
      Praise God for “…an inheritance which is beyond the reach of change and decay…”

      • Sam

        I don’t consider them heavy either.

    • sue

      Jennifer I have been asking. the Lord for a scripture to share that would speak a word to thank you for putting “MY hatred of God ” that was in the “OLD WOMAN” on the table. Just this morn He lead me to Proverbs 10:10……but he (she) who boldly reproves makes peace. And that was word from Tammy so we are both thanking you for carrying this further. I also was too burdened to carry my sins any longer: I had to admit them to my LORD for Him and Him only had I so thoroughly sinned and left HIM .
      You and Martha have helped me see a really big ancestral curse that has been broken in my generation and I am in PRAISE AND WORSHIP OF THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE THAT CAN AND WILL DELIVER. BLESSING DEARS, AND LOVE

      • Sam

        Thank you Sue. Glory be to Him through YOU!

    • Pauline

      All that is such good news, Jennifer — I’m a happy camper now! You put a lot into this; I thank God for the blessing that you are to so many of us.
      I also like a particular word that Sam used: “sealed” — now THAT is heavy (in a good way).
      On to proclaim the VICTORY of the Blood of Jesus!

    • Susan

      Oh happy day Jennifer. Thank you so much for this awesome clarity!

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