Choosing Shame Versus Covering LOVE

Choosing Shame Versus Covering LOVE

I want to start on this blog to pull the covers back on shame. In the past I have been debilitated by shame. It crippled my concept of self and God. What I have learned is shame tempts us to run away from LOVE. And while Love covers a multitude of sins, shame uncovers us and leaves us naked. This has given me enormous passion to destroy shame in my life and the lives of those around me. So much so I hope to write a booklet or book on how to overcome shame,

The Destructive Nature of Shame

The Destructive Nature of Shame
I am learning so much about the destructive power of shame. Shame literally throws us under the bus of life. As long as we live in shame we are stymied and stunted. As I see it shame is actually self-hatred rather than self-compassion and self-love. Any time in my life I experienced shame I tied myself to the very thing I was ashamed about.

Shame prevents us from accessing grace. It is raising our opinions above God. Shame boasts that it is more powerful than Christ’s Life and sacrifice to keep me in line. And while conviction of sin is perfectly ordained to rescue me from my struggles, shame only exalts itself above Him—my Rescuer.

Oh how I wish I never went to shame. This destructive force in my life simply blinded my eyes to Christ. It is impossible to remain in shame and see His forgiveness and glory. Shame is a self imposed prison to maintain control. The problem is that it truly is a prison. Shame will never help us with sin management or lead us into godliness.

Shame is self-condemnation, self-punishment and self-hatred. Our shame is all about self, placing self at the center. God’s alternative is conviction, forgiveness and receiving of His grace. God’s alternative to shame is turning through repentance and receiving His blood.

There Is NO Condemnation

There Is NO Condemnation
Romans 8:1 says there is no condemnation in God’s work. He convicts in love and mercy with a goal to unite and reconnect us to Himself. Even in my hardest times of conviction I’ve only received from the Spirit and never feel forsaken. Sure, I experience grief but never hatred. I can say that when I rise above the grief I always feel His love. I know His correction is for me not against me.

The proof of all that I am saying is clearly seen in the Word. One of the most stark expressions of this is actually found in the story of our father Adam and mother Eve. Both of these children of God experienced deep separating shame. Their sin of rebellion exposed them to shame and separation. Again the lie of shame always separates us in our mines from the love of Christ. While the Bible says nothing can separate us from the love of God, shame does separate us from our ability to receive this truth.

Adam and Eve experienced the shame of their nakedness. Their shame was like a wall against God. They hid and made a covering rather than remaining in the Love that covers. God responded to them, “Who told you you were naked?!” Where once they lived free of shame—naked and unashamed—now they lived in the torment of their own form.

Shame deeply affects our view of God and self. Shame skews our vision of reality. But there is hope and freedom from shame in Christ. I hope to explore this more in the days to come.

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    • Helen

      To pile shame on did not set me free. Shame is preening pride twisting self into its own prison. “Love covers”… Explosive words, no one can slide by them. Mystery brought to earth, to us, through us, in Christ. Canopy of Grace. Noah: one son exposing gladly, two sons walking in backwards to cover his nakedness. Heart picture. To experience covering Love will wreck you. God is Love, all consuming Love. The world uses shame to win its ‘converts’ from one supposed side to the other, using law or license..the balancing act with no reality. Reverting from one to the other, back & forth, in nations & systems, & families, adding what they think was missing, back & forth, law & license, trying to rewrite the past & control the future. “Let us make us”..there’s only One Maker! Law & license, neither ever an answer, for all you give them, their reward is shame. GRACE…beyond any concept of man. “Love covers”..His Blood, His pursuing Love. Looking forward to more John…such an important message! “Remaining in the Love that covers.”

    • Sandy

      …I figure running to shame, instead of Love, tells me I’m actually still wanting to hold on to that sin!

    • Helen

      Love is the binding power. Eyes of flesh will always fall prey to debilitating patterns of thinking, & unreliable ‘feelings’. It’s Christ to be seen…not a somebody, not a nobody…a SomeOne. Christ before us, Christ behind us, Christ under & over & through us. We don’t relate to similarity but to Design. Love, conforms to Christ. In all these places of heart & life He is making room for His original. He sets us free to believe what we’ve never seen before, & as we’ve never seen before. Love took the ‘now what?!’ out of me. The stop of conviction, where repentance breaks my hard heart…GIVES what could never be ‘gained’, only received in my cavernous need. The ‘now what’, shame-built, trying to cover, to fit in, to please, to appease, to control. Love covers a multitude of sins…this is only understandable when we are laying at His feet…to be covered….by His profound LOVE.

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